In the spring of 2020 LinkedField started helping General Contractors digitize the sign-in process for the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the subcontractors who were signing in at projects run by General Contractors on a daily basis, took notice and started using LinkedField to monitor workers at their office, shop, yard, and their project sites.

California flag and a covid-19 face mask

On the LinkedField system, subcontractors can create unique QR codes for each project, and track/screen their workforce in separate attendance logs.  The field and office staff have access to all these logs and can do any contact tracing immediately.

"LinkedField has made it easy, safe and convenient for our employees to check into job sites and go through the COVID-19 Screening.  On the backend, it's very user friendly." said MaryEllen Whitton at Tom Lewis Consulting and Restoration.

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Contractor & Sub-Contractor

With the COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards in California that went into effect in 2021, LinkedField has onboarded several subcontractors to start this year.

Office managers like LinkedField because all the information is in a searchable log, and text notifications go out if they need to take action. LinkedField has also been used to log and screen crews at the job site for subcontractor's to meet the General Contractor’s protocols.

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