Safety Orientation & Project Contact List

100% Digital Daily Attendance Log + Safety Orientation

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OSHA Compliant

Know exactly who is onsite and who has gone through your project safety orientation.

Automatic Updates

Maintains and constantly updates your project contact list with every contact you need.

The more subs and workers you have on site, the faster and better LinkedField works.


Fast and Secure Sign In

Workers scan a QR code with their smartphone or sign in via the LinkedField app on an iPad.
Less than 15 seconds to sign-in.
Our secure technology ensures visitors’ Personal identifiable information (PII) are protected. Most in-house QR code systems linking to Microsoft forms/Google forms/AirTable are NOT secure.
Uses QR code sign in for workers to complete screening and daily attendance log.


Digital Record Keeping

Project admin's can view the daily attendance log and answers to health screening questions on an iPad app.
Ability to grant multiple users access to the app so both the field and office can simultaneously monitor the database.
Easily create customized sign-in sheets with automatic QR codes for all your meetings, safety orientation, all hands, toolbox talks, and more. Integrate safety/training videos for workers to view
No more exchanging business cards, or printing out contact lists for your field team. Streamline the project directory as sub-foreman and stakeholders sign-in.  


Alerts, Contact Tracing  and Manpower

Project Admin's can get alerts, and perform contact tracing to keep everyone safe. Field team members can keep track of manpower and subcontractor crews.
Easily identifies and sorts all workers who pass the health screening.
Conduct contact tracing in a matter of minutes instead of hours. Spreadsheet exports can be sent to public health officials to aid in contact tracing efforts.
Automatic alerts sent directly to the field if additional health screening is required. Be in the know quicker.
Information is updated real-time in the field to provide manpower data and crew counts for all subcontractors

Here's what our amazing customers are saying

LinkedField gave us personal attention and their team works faster than any other software we have implemented!  Truly an affordable software solution that simply works and keeps our team focused on construction instead of being data collectors.

Heman Chand, Vice President
S+B James Construction

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