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We are your change order management partner.

Why LinkedField?

Keep the project and team moving forward!

LinkedField can takeover your virtual paperwork!
Instantly help your team members by having us write the hundreds to thousands of emails (plus hundreds of phone calls) to chase down sub pricing
Let your team focus on building not collecting paperwork or reviewing it.
Reduce workload for your team, have them focus on building. Adjust for peaks, allowing your team to handle higher level responsibilities and stay ahead of project challenges.
Why LinkedField?

We help you stay on top of your change orders so you can take back control of your change order log!


Review all
the files

Change orders

Collect documents and data

We provide 100% change order pricing collection and get GC and Subs aligned.

Getting more change orders approved requires more sub pricing collected. We help improve the rate of sub pricing collection by up to 3X and maintain the master change order log.

Review at scale

Our change order review experts allow your team to submit change orders effortlessly.

Having trouble keeping up with reviewing hundreds of open change orders as new ones keep pouring in? Need help catching up on change orders to submit to the owner? We've got you covered. Our construction professionals have years of experience compiling and reviewing change orders. We help submit 10X more change orders to the owner.

We are helping GC's consistently get change orders done

Where as Business as Usual (BAU) is to do most of the change orders at the end of the job or after completion.

We are doing the same total amount of change orders as BAU, but not waiting til the end of the project.

Hear from our customers

90% less time onboarding new subcontractors

"Level 10 Construction" Company Logo
“At first, I was skeptical about this service, but LinkedField has been a game changer. I was behind a major project and turned to LinkedField to help me catch up. They closed out 125 change orders in 2 months. My team was able to submit the change orders faster than ever.“
Jacob Freitas – Sr. Project Manager
Level 10 Construction
"Rudolph and Sletten" Company Logo
“LinkedField jumped right in with a new team member and helped us with PCOs as we focused on other aspects of the project.“
Jane Lin – Project Manager
Rudolph and Sletten
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“LinkedField is more than just software, there are humans working there that understand construction and are helpful with solving problems.“
Kasey Wiesen – Safety Manager
MarketOne Builders
"S+B James Construction" Company Logo
“LinkedField gave us personal attention and their team works faster than any other software we have implemented!  Truly an affordable software solution that simply works and keeps our team focused on construction instead of being data collectors.“
Heman Chand – Vice President
S+B James Construction
"Level 10 Construction" Company Logo
“The COVID-19 paperwork process added at least 1-1/2 hours of time to my daily routine.  Once the LinkedField QR code process went live, the time to do the same work, that process was cut to 5 minutes or less.“
Shawn Lindsey - Safety Manager
Level 10 Construction
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“LinkedField saved my sanity in 2020! LinkedField became an extremely helpful tool of automating COVID-19 compliance and was able to keep us focused on our end goal of our construction project.“
Bethany Garcia - Project Engineer
Vance Brown Builders

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