Frequently asked questions

When do I have to decide on the plan?

During your first month, you can use all the features that LinkedField has to offer. At the end of your first month a customer service representative will reach out and help you choose a plan that is right for your project team.

What happens when my Project is ending?

As your project comes to an end you can contact LinkedField and we will come up with a closeout plan and stop your invoices. Our closeout team will make sure you have all the data you need, and take whatever information/customizations to your next job.

Do you have a limit on workers/ visitors?

No, projects big and small can use LinkedField without worrying about the number of workers/visitors signing in each day. Our pricing plan is based on the features we offer and the number of licenses your team needs

Why have a free product?

LinkedField wants to help keep construction workers healthy and safe. When safety and field managers have an easy way to keep track of all the workers on-site, they have more time to focus on their jobs. COVID-19 essentials free is our way of giving back to the construction community.

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