Intelligent workforce management for construction teams

LinkedField makes it simple to understand what's coming next, assign detailed tasks to subcontractors, manage sign-ins, conduct onboarding, ensure construction site safety, and have a single source of contacts for everyone in the field.

Construction management is hard.
We make it easier.

All-in-one tool for your team. We help you stay organized so that you can focus on the work that counts.

Construction Insights

LinkedField's proprietary construction knowledge engine product pushes relevant and targeted lessons-learned insights automatically, at the right time and without any extra effort.

Task To Do's

Boost productivity in the field, assign and manage tasks (using voice or text) to your construction team. Keep on top of quick to do's from your phone.

Enhance Team's Performance

Our Virtual Project Manager help ensure your (remote) project team members know who is in the field to stay on top of critical activities - even when schedule and site conditions change.

Detailed Analytics

Track the manpower of your subcontractors, and know exactly who is on-site each day.

COVID-19 Sign ins

Make sure every worker has completed the COVID-19 health screening before they enter the construction site. Ditch the clipboards and pens, workers use their phone's cameras to scan a QR code to sign in. Learn more...

iPad with LinkedField covid safety on the display.

Automated Onboarding & Project Contact List

OSHA Compliant

Know exactly who is onsite and who has gone through your project safety orientation.

Automatic Updates

Maintains and constantly updates your project contact list with every contact you need. The more subs and workers you have on site, the faster and better LinkedField works.


Construction Knowledge Management

Add the experience of a project manager to your construction team to train project engineers and junior staff. A library of construction insights, building experiences and lessons learned intelligently deployed to your team based on subcontractor onboarding and schedule.

This new product is coming soon, please contact us if you are interested in joining the waitlist.

Black and white image of a construction worker, looking down and using tools.