Your Construct-Assist Partner

Change orders are time-consuming.
We make it easier.

70% of change orders in your log
are missing pricing.
Can you keep up? We can!

I wanted to work in Construction to push a lot of (virtual) paper
- Said no one, ever

Construct-Assist for Change Orders

We keep your change order logs up-to-date
AND help close change orders faster.

Streamline change order management and get more change orders approved faster. LinkedField's Construct-Assist for Change Orders is easy, flexible and reliable help for busy construction teams.

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Construct-Assist for Document Control

Our document control experts allow your team to do more with less

LinkedField’s Document Control Services are bridging the gap between technology and labor to maximize efficiency, while reducing cost and risk, by providing on-demand document control services led by real construction professionals with extensive experience in both document management platforms and construction processes.

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COVID-19, Safety Orientation & Project Contact List

COVID-19 Safe

Make sure every worker has completed the COVID-19 health screening before they enter the construction site. Ditch the clipboards and pens, workers use their phone's cameras to scan a QR code to sign in.
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OSHA Compliant

Know exactly who is onsite and who has gone through your project safety orientation.

Automatic Updates

Maintains and constantly updates your project contact list with every contact you need. The more subs and workers you have on site, the faster and better LinkedField works.

iPad and iPhone displaying covid and construction safety information.