Stop Chasing your Subs

We take care of collecting the documents so you can focus on solving problems rather than on chasing down paperwork.

Construction management is hard.
We make it easier.

I wanted to work in Construction to
push a lot of (virtual) paper
- Said no one, ever

LinkedField Collect

We collect the documents you need for subcontractor onboarding, submittals, change order pricing and closeout
— so that you don't have to.

  • Collect Documents from your subs
  • Effortlessly Track & Follow-Up
  • Get the documents you need faster - guaranteed - so you can spend more time reviewing & processing them

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COVID-19, Automated Onboarding & Project Contact List

COVID-19 Safe

Make sure every worker has completed the COVID-19 health screening before they enter the construction site. Ditch the clipboards and pens, workers use their phone's cameras to scan a QR code to sign in. Learn more...

OSHA Compliant

Know exactly who is onsite and who has gone through your project safety orientation.

Automatic Updates

Maintains and constantly updates your project contact list with every contact you need. The more subs and workers you have on site, the faster and better LinkedField works.


Why Construction Knowledge Management Matters

Relieve the stress of never-ending document management

Construction Knowledge Management

A proper construction knowledge management system gives your team and projects the chance to scale, and succeed.

Construction Project Management

A good construction project management tool eliminates rework, miscommunications, and sets you up for success.

Project Manager Training

Engineering project management training helps you manage your project, get better results, and manage all your other deliverables at the same time.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training for Construction Teams Looking to Democratize Their Knowledge and Have More Successful Projects