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  • How To Integrate Construction Job Training Into Your Daily (On-Site) Operations
    Learning on the job site is one of the most effective ways to learn all the ins and outs of construction. There are many things that it's incredibly difficult to learn in a classroom setting. As part of your daily operations, you need to make that learning accessible to all of your employees--and integrate it into your daily, on-site operations.
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  • Let’s Talk Corporate Training and Construction Firms
    Corporate training is an ongoing challenge for construction firms. You pull 20 project engineers into a room, often far away from a jobsite. They're given training on an important subject: elevators, MEP coordination, etc.  Unfortunately, out of those 20 project engineers, only around five of them are currently working on MEP coordination. Your 15 other project engineers might have a basic understanding of the content, but chances are, it will fade quickly once they're back on the job site, dealing with critical items of the job and managing the day-to-day running of their sites.
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  • Is It Time for a Knowledge Hub?
    Experience and knowledge are important in construction. On-the-job training is always a part of the construction world, and knowledge without experience is limited in its utility.
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Project Manager looking at the construction site
Construction workers using hand sanitizer.
Man with mask looking down at a laptop.
California flag and a covid-19 face mask
MarketOne construction worker with back to camera
  • Level 10 Construction Embraces Technology to meet challenges of COVID-19 compliance

    "During the first days on-site, we were told to consider having staggered start times to avoid having large groups of workers congregating around the sign-in/health screening station. This process added at least 1-1/2 hours of time to my daily routine.  Once the LinkedField QR code process went live, the time to do the same work, that process was cut to 5 minutes or less.” 
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  • Vance Brown Uses LinkedField to check-in over 300 workers at San Jose Project

    “LinkedField saved my sanity in 2020! With the Santa Clara County COVID-19 guidelines, we had to figure out a way to track everyone coming in and out of the jobsite. Overnight, we were tasked to come up with a way to meet these regulations while not disturbing our construction productivity. LinkedField became an extremely helpful tool in eliminating this headache and was able to keep us focused on our end goal.”
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Covid testing on construction site
California flag with covid written on it.
iPad and iPhone displaying LinkedField information on them.
  • 7 Steps to Achieve 100% Digital COVID-19 Compliance

    Everyone is being affected one way or another by this ongoing pandemic. Construction companies are facing ongoing changes in local, state, and federal regulations. Here at LinkedField, we can help you adhere to the changing orders while keeping your workers and visitors safe. The following seven steps can help you achieve 100% digital COVID-19 compliance.
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