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The Top 6 Underrated Construction Management Skills (And How To Improve Them)

Construction management: it's not just about the obvious skills. In fact, there are a lot of skills that go into managing a construction project successfully, and many of them have little to nothing to do with those hands-on building skills that you may have spent a great deal of time developing. Are you ready to take your construction management skills beyond the basics and become an expert in your craft? Make sure you have a construction training program that includes these vital skills.

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Falling Through the Cracks: How To Ensure Nothing Gets Lost in Construction Management

The construction industry generates a lot of paperwork--both virtual and physical. There are a lot of documents and information to chase down and manage for each project, emails to keep up with, and subcontractors to communicate with. Often, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. Not only that, a lot of the same documents need to be collected for every job, and it may feel like you have to reinvent the wheel every time because the general contractor or project engineer has to be taught or reminded of what documents they have to collect.

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New Construction Technology That Inspires Us

Technology in the construction field is growing every day. Job sites are getting easier to manage, and many construction workers, from project managers to the field workers, are discovering the advantages of those incredible tools. Take a look at some of the latest developments in construction technology and how they can help inspire you as you build your construction business and improve safety, security, and capability across your job sites.

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A Day in the Life of a Project Engineer

Every day, project engineers have a variety of tasks--and those day-to-day responsibilities may vary depending on the specific projects they're working on at any given time. What, exactly, does a project engineer's day-to-day workload look like, and what are they expected to complete each day? Take a look at these daily functions.

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How To Improve Document Control on Construction Projects

The construction industry has long been plagued with poor document control. The first problem, of course, is that you have a lot of paperwork to deal with. You have Plans, Engineering reports, Subcontractor communications, Electrical information, Permits, RFIs and so on. And everything in between!It's little wonder that construction projects are often buried within stacks of documents--and even less surprising that documents are frequently lost or extremely time-consuming to find.

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How Can We Improve Construction Site Communication?

Communication is a critical element of many construction projects. Delays or challenges in communication can cause severe delays in project completion or even cause errors in the construction process that could prove incredibly costly to both construction companies and clients. With the right tools, including LinkedField, you can improve overall construction communication efforts and streamline your ability to share information with the members of your team.

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General Contractors, Subcontractors, and Endless Emails: Oh My!

In the construction industry, do you know what takes up a massive amount of your time? Unfortunately, for all too many construction professionals, from project managers to project engineers, often, the biggest time lost is in your email!

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How Pre-Construction Efforts (and Processes) Save Headaches, Time, and Money During the Building Phase

Long before the first contractor sets foot on a job site, the pre-construction process begins. By putting together an efficient pre-construction process, you can often save headaches, time, and money during the building phase--not to mention ultimately creating more satisfied clients.

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Why Formally Onboarding New Hires is a Prerequisite for Successful Projects (and Needs To Be Part of Your Construction Management Style)

Onboarding new hires is a vital part of any job. You want to be sure that your team members have the tools they need to succeed, whether on the job site or in the office. The latest generation of new project engineers, however, expects something more--and your construction company can benefit from providing it for them.

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How To Integrate Construction Job Training Into Your Daily (On-Site) Operations

Learning on the job site is one of the most effective ways to learn all the ins and outs of construction. There are many things that it's incredibly difficult to learn in a classroom setting. As part of your daily operations, you need to make that learning accessible to all of your employees--and integrate it into your daily, on-site operations.

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Let’s Talk Corporate Training and Construction Firms

Corporate training is an ongoing challenge for construction firms. You pull 20 project engineers into a room, often far away from a jobsite. They're given training on an important subject: elevators, MEP coordination, etc. Unfortunately, out of those 20 project engineers, only around five of them are currently working on MEP coordination. Your 15 other project engineers might have a basic understanding of the content, but chances are, it will fade quickly once they're back on the job site, dealing with critical items of the job and managing the day-to-day running of their sites.

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Is it Time for a Knowledge Hub?

Experience and knowledge are important in construction. On-the-job training is always a part of the construction world, and knowledge without experience is limited in its utility.

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Top 4 Areas Your Subcontractor Management Process Is Holding You Back

Subcontractor management is no easy feat. Learn about the ways your management system may actually be preventing growth.

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What Exactly Is Involved With Construction Project Management (and How Can You Do It Better?)

Construction project management involves a number of different systems and departments, all relying on one another for a successful project.

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Understanding Covid-19 Construction Safety in California, and How It Will Continue to Evolve

Learn more about construction safety, and how Covid has impacted it and will continue to shape it in the future.

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California Laws Require Increased Construction Site Safety

For the next 2 years at least, employers must follow certain protocols whenever a worker is injured or cannot work due to potential COVID-19 exposure.

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Subcontractors and Covid-19 Emergency Temporary Standards in California

Subcontractors can create unique QR code for each project, and track/screen their workforce in separate attendance logs. The field and office staff have access to all these logs and can do any contact tracing immediately.

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MarketOne Builders Stay Ahead of COVID-19 Compliance

"I like the ease of use and traceability should the need arise. It also makes it easy for Superintendents who work on multiple jobs to always have access to who is at each of their jobsites at any time."

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BCCI Construction Chooses LinkedField To Digitize COVID-19 Compliance

"LinkedField is easy to use, reliable and productive for check-in. The quickness of the check-in process and the paperless collection of data"

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Level 10 Construction Uses Construction Technology to Achieve Covid-19 Compliance

"During the first days on-site, we were told to consider having staggered start times to avoid having large groups of workers congregating around the sign-in/health screening station. This process added at least 1-1/2 hours of time to my daily routine. Once the LinkedField QR code process went live, the time to do the same work, that process was cut to 5 minutes or less."

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San Jose Based Team Uses LinkedField To (Safely) Check-In Over 300 Workers

“LinkedField saved my sanity in 2020! With the Santa Clara County COVID-19 guidelines, we had to figure out a way to track everyone coming in and out of the jobsite. Overnight, we were tasked to come up with a way to meet these regulations while not disturbing our construction productivity. LinkedField became an extremely helpful tool in eliminating this headache and was able to keep us focused on our end goal.”

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A Large SF Project Uses LinkedField To Save Time & Money on the Daily COVID-19 Check-In Process.

“The sign in log shows all the workers' names and companies on one screen that can be scrolled through. Anyone on the General Contractor’s team with admin access to the app on the iPad can immediately see who is on site, helping the team understand manpower in real time”

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CA SB 1159 and CA AB 685 Are New Regulations for COVID-19 Compliance

Keeping digital records can make complying with SB 1159 and AB 685 far easier, saving you time and energy in the process. Ultimately, complying with regulations can make general contractors, subcontractors and workers feel safer and more secure during this pandemic and after it passes.

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7 Steps to Achieve 100% Digital COVID-19 Compliance

Everyone is being affected one way or another by this ongoing pandemic. Construction companies are facing ongoing changes in local, state, and federal regulations. Here at LinkedField, we can help you adhere to the changing orders while keeping your workers and visitors safe. The following seven steps can help you achieve 100% digital COVID-19 compliance.

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Why QR Codes Aren't Enough for Construction COVID-19 Compliance

Even though QR codes can address a few important issues, a productive, safe, and compliant job site needs more. Intelligent workforce management by LinkedField can help free up valuable time while making sure the job site remains a safe place for everyone involved.

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