In early 2020 LinkedField was helping Level 10 Construction projects digitize the sign-in process for safety orientation and create a project directory focused on connecting key field stakeholders. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, LinkedField worked hand in hand with Level 10 Construction to adapt the digital sign-in process to meet the stringent Bay Area regulations. By working together a solution was developed that was easy to use in the field, updated real time, and used the tools that construction workers already had.

“Linkedfield has met Level 10’s needs for the signing in and screening of our work crews.” said Larry Fabbro, director of safety at Level 10. "I like that it is fairly simple to use."  When Safety Manager Shawn Lindsay went back to work in May he said, “During the first days on-site, we were told to consider having staggered start times to avoid having large groups of workers congregating around the sign-in/health screening station. This process added at least 1-1/2 hours of time to my daily routine.  Once the LinkedField QR code process went live, the time to do the same work, that process was cut to 5 minutes or less.”  

“LinkedField has become the go to app for contactless sign in to limit the spread of germs.”  said Rudy Sanchez, Safety Manager at Level 10.  “ With the pandemic among us LinkedField has made it easy to get health assessments from each worker.  It not only saves me time it also saves trees (paperwork), it is a must have app when dealing with Covid-19 compliance.  The tech support is also at the ready for any questions or concerns.”

Level 10 is demonstrating their commitment to innovation and efficiency by implementing a digital process to enhance field COVID-19 reporting workflows, while performing manpower tracking. Through this partnership, Level 10 will utilize the data collected from COVID-19 protocols to continually improve their performance and gain insights regarding their subcontractors.  

"Level 10 has always been an early-mover and adopter of technology to provide accurate, real-time information to empower their teams," said LinkedField CEO Kevin Cheng. "We are excited to be working with Level 10 to provide their teams with next-generation tools to more efficiently and effectively manage their project workforce "

The LinkedField team has continued to improve their software, and keep compliant as regulations have become more stringent.  LinkedField sets up each Level 10 project for success, and provides customized trainings and workflows based on the project needs.  LinkedField boosts productivity by streamlining the daily COVID-19 sign-in process, with the necessary alerts and data reporting required for contact tracing.  When using LinkedField, all of Level 10 projects have been able to remain open and continue working through the pandemic.  

“It drastically reduces jobsite entrance queues, while allowing us to screen hundreds of workers and giving us insights into subcontractor mobilization in real-time,” said Level 10 Senior Project Manager Mason Rogers. “The management team can access real-time project workforce data to help make better decisions, planning ahead, and managing subcontractors, etc.”

About Level 10
Level 10 Construction is a full-service general contractor with offices throughout California, including Sunnyvale, San Francisco, Redwood City and San Diego. Level 10 is focused on providing innovative facilities to the corporate, healthcare, education, hospitality, technology and life science markets. Level 10 offers a full range of services, including preconstruction, design-build and integrated project delivery. In addition, Level 10 provides MEP and commissioning services, BIM services, green and Lean construction practices.  Level 10's core mission is to build at the highest level, consistently providing excellent customer service while delivering quality projects on time and on budget.  To learn more, visit

About LinkedField
LinkedField provides digital sign-in solutions to streamline field workflows for construction workers. LinkedField's COVID-19 Compliance Software provides a 100% Digital Daily Attendance Log + Worker Health Screening for your construction project.   LinkedField makes it simple to understand what is coming next, assign detailed tasks to subcontractors, manage sign-ins, conduct safety onboarding and have a single source of contacts for everyone in the field.  Currently, LInkedField has over 60 projects using their software with thousands of workers signing in daily.  

LinkedField has recently closed their institutional round of fundraising and secured investments from Silicon Valley and strategic investors. The team will be using the proceeds to build out their engineering and product teams to deliver industry-changing features. The longer term plan is to build an educational platform for construction companies to provide real-time, on-the-ground training for project teams. To learn more, visit

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