Everyone is being affected one way or another by this ongoing pandemic.  Construction companies are facing ongoing changes in local, state, and federal regulations. Here at LinkedField, we can help you adhere to the changing orders while keeping your workers and visitors safe. The following seven steps can help you achieve 100% digital COVID-19 compliance.

1) Minimize In-Person Interactions

  • Using a digital sign-in for all workers eliminates long wait lines where social distancing may be difficult.
  • Each construction worker can sign themselves in within a matter of seconds, so there is no need for another person to be in close contact.
  • Members of the construction team who are working remotely can have access to real-time data as workers sign-in daily and take action if a situation arises.
  • Keep in-person meetings, such as morning safety meetings, short with as few people as possible.

2) Minimize Sharing of Items

  • Each employee in the office and the field can digitally access all the information needed avoiding unnecessary sharing of items such as paper, pens, or clipboards. Each employee can be alerted and informed of any timely notifications right on the app.
  • When sharing of tools is necessary on the job, be sure to provide proper cleaning wipes or sprays so the tools can be sanitized before and after each use.

3) Contactless Methods

  • Personalized QR codes make it easy for everyone, including visitors, to sign in quickly and simply.
  • Having an iPad kiosk — to access contact lists, spreadsheets, and records — prevents the handling of potential disease-spreading items such as paper and pens.

4) Digital Records

  • Easily keep all health checks, employee contact information, and visitor logs organized and up to date.
  • There will be no concern over the double-entry of information when it is processed digitally.
  • Digital records can be shared with the office and remote teams instantly. This helps keep the entire construction project team working together.

5) Rapid Response

  • A potentially positive COVID-19 visitor can be quickly identified through a digital system. This saves valuable time in assessing whether the project can remain open.
  • Public health officials can also be notified and provided the proper information instantly, rather than waiting on paperwork.

6) Contact Tracing

  • COVID-19 is a fast-spreading disease that can be minimized by rapid and effective contact tracing.
  • When all employee and visitor information is secured digitally, you can respond in a matter of minutes to any tracing needs. This ensures that any potentially impacted workers get notified promptly.

7) Notification and Reporting

  • The system will send alerts about any situations that require immediate attention. This includes flagging an individual that may need additional COVID-19 screening using the Digital Health Check Solution.
  • Digitally record any incidents that may occur as well as report on the satisfactory outcome of a workday.

The health and safety of the construction workers and visitors should be a top priority. Utilizing these seven steps at a job site can help us each do our part to remain protected during this pandemic.

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