When construction project teams went back to work in May, they were faced with challenges to meet San Francisco’s COVID-19 requirements. They set up processes to collect roster information from their subcontractors, collated that information into checklists to sign-in workers each day, verbally did health screening of each worker, and provided temperature screening stations.

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These measures kept Project teams COVID-19 compliant, but it required (2) screening personnel, and loads of paperwork.  Each day these paper records had to be compiled, scanned and saved on the project server.  From the paper records it would take additional time/collation to know how many workers were on-site, specifically the crew counts from each subcontractor.  

In June, LinkedField met with a SF based project team working on a confidential project and customized LinkedField’s software for their project.  “They had good information,” said LinkedField’s Customer Success Manager Manish Dalia, “We were able to import it directly into LinkedField, so we were not starting from scratch”.  The subcontractor data imported included crew rosters and associated contact information to keep the daily sign-in process organized.

Covid testing on construction site

“The sign in log shows all the workers' names and companies on one screen that can be scrolled through.”  said the Project Manager, “Anyone on the General Contractor’s team with admin access to the app on the iPad can immediately see who is on site, helping the team understand manpower in real time”

With LinkedField’s QR code based system, the construction team was able to set up (2) lines for workers checking in daily; the express line and the check-in line.   In the express line, workers can go straight to the temperature check by scanning the LinkedField QR code with their own smartphone, confirming their contact information, answering the health screening questions, and showing the green screen to the check-in personel.”

The check-in line is for workers who do not have a smartphone (or do not want to use their personal phone for work purposes), and need help signing in.  GC personnel used the LinkedField app on their iPad to sign in returning and new workers each day all while keeping the sign in data 100% digital.  This new check-in format reduced check in personnel from (2) down to (1), saving time and money for the project team.  LinkedField eliminated all the paperwork, and provided searchable records for real-time manpower data analysis.

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