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Gain a financial competitive-edge when competing for work against other GCs

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Why LinkedField?

High-quality and flexible help for busy construction teams.

Offload virtual paperwork, Streamline subcontractor management and grow a bigger business with LinkedField's Remote Construct-Assist Taskforce

Streamlined all required documents and low-value added tasks

Subcontractors are essential, and so is managing their paperwork

All required documents can be streamlined by outsourcing these mundane, low-value added tasks. Let our remote professionals help you chase down:

Onboarding requirements (insurance, labor rate, etc.)
Safety documents, billing applications
Submittals & procurement/lead-time
Change order pricing
Closeout, as-builts

We help you with the technical and more sophisticated tasks

Now that our Construct-Assist TaskForce has helped you collect the documents, now what?

Our professionals can also help you with the technical and more sophisticated tasks:

Review submittals and coordinate with other trades
Read every RFI and provide next steps, cost impacts.
Review change order entitlement, pricing & back up.
Preconstruction, bid packages, bid reviews and tally
Project budgeting and estimates
BIM/VDC design and coordination
Billing/Monthly Progress Pay Applications
Procurement/Lead-time management

Increase Competitiveness and Reduce Overhead Cost

Working with LinkedField's Construct-Assist TaskForce team gives companies the financial competitive edge when competing for work with other GCs.

Why work with LinkedFIeld:

More flexibility (no long-term agreements)
More cost-effective
Don't have to carry overhead
Predictable (weekly or monthly) cost
Upskill existing teams and fill any knowledge gaps

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