Remote "Construct-Assist" Taskforce

Make building your focus,
we’ll handle the paperwork

Streamline subcontractor management and grow a bigger business with LinkedField's Remote Construct-Assist Taskforce – a high-quality and flexible help for busy construction teams.
Why LinkedField?

Subcontractors are essential, and so is managing their paperwork

All required documents can be streamlined by outsourcing these mundane, low-value added tasks. Let our remote professionals help you chase down:

- Onboarding requirements (insurance, labor rate, etc.)
- Safety documents
- Submittals & procurement/lead-time
- Change order pricing
- Closeout, as-builts
- Etc., etc., etc.

Good help is hard to find

Now that our Construct-Assist TaskForce has helped you collect the documents, now what? Our professionals can also help you with the technical and more sophisticated tasks:
- Review submittals and coordinate with other trades
- Read every RFI and provide next steps, cost impacts.
- Review change order entitlement, pricing & back up.
- Preconstruction, bid packages, bid reviews and tally
- Project budgeting and estimates
- BIM/VDC design and coordination
- Scheduling
- Billing/Monthly Progress Pay Applications
- Procurement/Lead-time management
- Etc., etc., etc.

Increase Competitiveness and Reduce Overhead Cost

Working with LinkedField's Construct-Assist TaskForce team gives companies the added ability to quickly scale up or down their workforce without the added overhead risk. Why work with LinkedFIeld:

- More flexibility
- More cost-effective
- Don't have to carry overhead
- Predictable (weekly or monthly) cost
- Upskill existing teams and fill any knowledge gaps
- Etc., etc., etc.

LinkedField Remote Construct-Assist TaskForce is supercharged with our in-house software
We love excel too but we've built our own custom in-house software to give our construct-assist professionals superpowers when managing the thousands of emails and documents. Our platform then seamlessly integrate with your existing software platform (i.e. Procore, Autodesk, Plangrid, etc.) so your project teams don't have to learn a new software or create a new log-in password!

LinkedField Construct-Assist Taskforce can help you:

Efficiently Manage Email

We can CC you on everything if you'd like, but rely on us to do the busy work of writing, sending, and re-sending reminder or follow up emails for you. We work with your existing processes and your in-house project management software platforms.

Streamline administrative work

Remove busy work from your workflow and outsource the tasks that are hindering your team's efficiency. Your team should be performing tasks they are paid to do, not administrative type of work that should be outsourced.

LinkedField Remote
Construct-Assist TaskForce

“We're spending about 90% less time onboarding new subcontractors, and once they're onboarded, the collection process for each document is seamless."
   -- Project Engineers who use LinkedField

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