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Document Control Services

Bridging the gap between technology and paperwork to maximize efficiency, while reducing cost and risk. LinkedField provides on-demand document control services led by real construction professionals with extensive experience in both document management software and construction processes.

Workforce Load Balancing

Could your project team be spending their time more effectively?
  • Instant ramp-up & ramp-down of document control 
  • Add flexibility to efficiently move team members between projects
  • Reduce workload for your team, have them focus on building. Adjust for peaks, allowing your team to handle higher level responsibilities and stay ahead of project challenges.
In all, non-optimal activities cost the U.S. construction industry over $177 billion in labor costs in 2018 alone. (Plangrid/FMI)

Quality Control

How current is your current set? And how much time do your project teams spend looking for the information they need?
  • Ensure your drawing set is always current and posted with the latest RFI’s
  • Reduce errors & omissions caused by overworked staff and poor-quality incoming data
  • Coordination and collaboration happens directly on your platform/PM software
  • Reduce time and confusion
  52% of rework is caused by poor project data and miscommunication. (Plangrid/FMI)

Reduce Costs

Companies outsource Payroll, IT, HR, and other business components to specialized firms for a savings of over 40%, why should document control be any different?
  • Reduce project costs with leaner teams while having a higher quality document control
  • Reduce closeout time & cost with a curated path-to-closeout for seamless turnover
  • Reduce operational cost by ensuring all project stakeholders have quick and easy access to the most current and accurate data and logs
  35% of construction professionals' time is spent on non-productive activities. (Plangrid/FMI)
Our offering is flexible and customized to fit your team and project needs. We work directly with your existing processes and software for seamless transition and communication.
Schedule a quick call with one of our professionals to find out how we can help make your project data more efficient and your project teams more effective.