Be the (Project Engineer) Leader Your Team Needs: Become a Project Manager Faster

What does an efficient and inspiring project engineer do to become a superstar and be noticed for a promotion?

We’ve developed LinkedField Collect to help project engineers cut down on the time spent in email, and focus on learning how to become builders. Know exactly what is outstanding from your subs, identify hot items and potential blockers. Get the documents you need faster - guaranteed - so you can review and process them and get back to building.

We offer construction management education and training tools designed to help you succeed at every stage of the project development process, including:

  • Subcontractor and vendor management
  • Subcontractor onboarding
  • Materials procurement (submittals, lead times, etc.)
  • Project recordkeeping and coordination
  • Cost Controls
  • Project Closeout
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Training That Gets You Ahead:

  • Can help you start a new career
  • Get you a pay increase or promotion
  • Impart tangible career benefits
  • Are suitable for all backgrounds and experience levels
  • Catch up or move ahead in your career
Project Manager looking at the construction site

Get Started in the Exciting Field of Construction Project Engineering Today

The construction industry is booming in the United States right now, with no sign of a slow down. Construction industry workers are in high demand, and that means those with the right skillset and training can demand top salaries. Our training is designed to be a better way to proactively teach you the skills you need to succeed on a project and to train project engineers when you become a PM.

Learn key project management and project engineer tasks:

  • How to properly onboard subcontractors
  • Subcontractor trade knowledge and know-how
  • Fundamentals of project engineering
  • How to estimate scope, time, and cost, including planning, coordination, executing, and closeout
  • The on-site terminology every engineer needs to know, including field construction-specific lingo, abbreviations, and acronyms

With our solutions, you can:

  • Streamline sub onboarding, pricing, closeout and more
  • Invest in reskilling and upskilling with personalized training programs that build on existing skill sets
  • Discover new opportunities with platforms tailored to individual skill sets, career goals, and retraining needs
  • Prepare for a new generation of business challenges and opportunities

Ready to access engaging training materials that’ll teach you to be the best engineering project manager you can be?