Corporate Training Made Easy for All Types of Construction Teams

AI Assisted Learning and On The Job Training

A new era of construction management is here. Using AI, LinkedField can custom-tailor knowledge based on the specific project phase, so staff can better plan, coordinate and execute tasks in a productive way.

With our solutions, you can:

  • Invest in reskilling and upskilling with personalized training programs that build on existing skill sets
  • Embed learning into everyday activities with easy to use and easy to set up training programs
  • Match staff to new opportunities with platforms tailored to individual skill sets, career goals, and retraining needs
  • Prepare the next generation of builders to face business challenges and seize opportunities
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Your Knowledge Hub, Your Way

LinkedField gives construction teams a centralized location to organize, share, and grow legacy knowledge. Now, all job and project information can be kept in one place, meaning it is easy to pull data and design your own corporate training program.

Your old way of onboarding and on-the-job training could be hurting your bottom line, with days of lost productivity, unengaged employees, ineffective teaching, and programs that don’t deliver trained teams ready to hit the ground running.

We offer your staff a way to learn by doing and we provide knowledge on the know-how while you are doing it the first time.

Our intuitive training solutions are immersive tools that draw upon all of your company’s resources. Imagine the power of taking all of your written guides, audio resources, visual tools, and ingrained institutional knowledge and placing that into a centralized hub of knowledge. With LinkedField, that’s no longer a dream, it is reality.


Prioritize a Formal New Hire Onboarding Process

A proper corporate training program ensures that from Day One, your project (includes both office and field staff working at project sites) personnel feel supported. With our training tools, creating an onboarding training course can be done simply and easily.

Information can’t just live in people’s minds. How many times have you been asked the same question over and over by a new hire, wishing you had a directory to point them to? With LinkedField, training is streamlined and simplified.

Set your team up for success from Day One. With onboarding from LinkedField, you can address everything from regulatory compliance training standards to diversity and inclusion training.

This is the most reliable tool on the market today to:

  • Reduce administration workloads
  • Close employee skill gaps
  • Boost productivity across all teams
  • Increase employee retention

Now, it is easier than ever to engage employees from their first day on a new job. Our easy-to-use and engaging web-based training tools set employees up for success with innovative solutions that harness the most modern technologies and processes. With scalable features and powerful AI, we are creating a new generation of go-to learning solutions that formalize training and reduce manual processes.


Advantages of Corporate Training

With LinkedField, you can improve efficiency, transparency, and safety at your job sites. Our tools help build fundamental knowledge about how projects are run. This gives you an opportunity to cultivate a company culture around mentorship and develop better builders while also saving supervisors valuable time.

Construction is a complex industry with a host of parameters competing to affect project design, development, and completion. Training can tie together disparate teams and diverse goals to improve project speed and success rates. With corporate training solutions from LinkedField, you can save time and resources.

  • Safety: Use LinkedField to conduct periodic training on a continual basis to help workers improve their professional skills
  • Increased productivity: Use intuitive online solutions and well-trained employees to increase productivity at the work site
  • Improve collaboration: Unite disparate teams on large-scale projects with online employee training that focuses on goals and outcomes
  • Reduce project disputes: With better prep thanks to pre-job training, you can reduce project disputes, save money, and improve timelines
  • Reduce rework time: Use training to improve standard work so all team members, both onsite and in the boardroom, have the training they need so they are prepared for success at every stage of the work project

Training plays a significant role in the construction industry, from conception to completion. With proper training tools, you can streamline team goals, take advantage of existing skill sets, and manage projects to successful competition easier than ever before.

Build a more supported team. Contact us to learn more about implementing an industry-leading and sustainable corporate training program for your construction company.