A Construction Project Management Tool that knows what you need, when you need it

Proactive project management makes the job easier

LinkedField’s project management tools connect teams and objectives so you can make fast decisions. We built in key features that enable higher output and improved work sightlines for all construction management needs. Now, you can gain both big picture and granular details about all of your projects, teams, collaborators, and contractors.

Our tools give you:

  • Digital sign-in ability so you can get real-time subcontractor crew counts from the field
  • Collect documents from your subs, track by sub, and follow up easily. Get the documents you need faster - guaranteed - so you can review and process them
  • Streamline sub onboarding, pricing, closeout and more
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Project Management At Every Stage Of Your Job

  • Preconstruction: Get started early with onboarding subs and collecting the documents you need.
  • Procurement: Move from planning and bidding to job prep with clear visibility that allows you to easily determine what will be needed for the project
  • Coordination: Request updated information/pricing/documents from your subs easily and track by separate Change Orders/RFI's/ASI's/etc
  • Execution and construction: Digital Sign In lets you keep track of everyone on your job-site
  • Closeout: Collect and track all the documents from your subcontractors to easily close out project

What Should Effective Construction Project Management Feel Like?

LinkedField has construction management software for builders and contractors — tools for every step of the construction process and each of its players.

  • Project managers: A clear dashboard that provides full visibility into jobs, teams, and goals
  • Project engineers: Track and Follow Up with your subcontractors, and save time with less email
  • Superintendents: Stay ahead of projects with instant crew count updates from the field
  • Foremen: Allocate resources and crew members to specific projects at the exact time
  • Project executives: Detailed insight into work metrics for all of your projects in one place
  • Subcontractors: Use email to coordinate with the GC, and have a clear list of documents you need to deliver

Ready for a better workday? Let’s show you what it can look like.


Nationwide COVID-19 Regulations: Are You Ready?

New federal guidelines to protect workers against COVID-19 will require all construction projects nationwide to keep track of workers coming on to their job sites, and may even require basic health screenings.

In areas of the country where regulations have been relaxed, our software solutions will help construction project managers meet these requirements electronically and in a touch-free, germ-free way.