Robust and Accessible Construction Knowledge Management Tools

The Right Knowledge at the Right Time to the Right Person

  • LinkedField is not just an information solutions provider — we are a virtual construction project mentor and construction management tool.
  • Our solutions have the ability to deliver the knowledge and intelligence you need, when you need it, to the critical team members who depend on that information.
  • Collect all the documents you need from your subcontractors, and repeat the process so things don't slip through the cracks.
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A knowledge base on your terms

  • LinkedField’s knowledge management platform consists of a library of construction insights, building experiences, training, and lessons learned which can be applied to specific team members are critical points in the construction timeline.
  • We organized the database so the information gets pushed to project teams when they need it. This isn’t the training handbook you got on your first day. This is a full knowledge management system.
  • Your training, your way: Say goodbye to top-down information dissemination and get to know a new model of dispersed information sharing. We allowed companies and project teams to add their own knowledge to our existing library and take the ever-growing knowledge base with them to their next project.

Every Construction Team is Different. Why Are Your Training Tools All the Same?

  • No two projects are alike, so why should your training try to be a one-size-fits-all tool? When you have a team of experienced staff alongside new construction project engineers or foremen, it is critical that you have a space dedicated to storing and sharing knowledge and closing the experience gap.
  • No matter the project, all team members, from project engineers to project managers, and from foreman to superintendents, have something valuable to learn, teach, and share. It could save time on the project schedule or budget. Why erect barriers to disseminating that information?
  • It is commonly understood that the knowledge gap in the construction industry is widening today. Experienced staff are retiring, and that knowledge cannot get passed on to junior staff fast enough. With LinkedField, institutional knowledge can be easily collected, formalized, and set up for one-click dissemination.

Managing a team (subcontractors especially) is hard. We are here to help. 

  • LinkedField Collect helps you plan ahead so that you can focus on the work that is happening now
  • With our simple online tools, you can track and follow up with your subcontractors on the documents you need so you can review and process them to learn, plan, coordinate the trades, and execute the work effectively and efficiently.

Construction Management Software for Today’s Complex Work Demands

  • LinkedField has set out to re-engineer the way you approach on-the-job and project training with construction management software designed for you, both today and as you scale. This is not just the best way to learn construction: We make it possible for you to curate and deliver a complete construction knowledge base targeted at today’s demanding work environments and tomorrow’s dynamic situations.
  • Whether you are a construction project manager or superintendent looking for a modern system to improve the efficiency of your training and put in place a knowledge transfer ecosystem that can tie together new and experienced project engineers, foremen, and workers, our online training management solutions are engineered for your success.

About LinkedField

LinkedField delivers targeted, specific training for the construction industry. Our tools allow you to equip your team for ongoing or upcoming projects, onboard new staff, update experienced employees, or provide detailed training about new rules or methods.

With LinkedField, you can finally stop outsourcing your training and put an end to searching through old files every time you bring a new team member on board. We built it, and you control it. Whether your company has a handful of employees or teams spread across the country and around the world, we make construction education and management training simple. See what LinkedField can do for you today.