COVID-19 Free Software for Construction Teams

LinkedField's COVID-19 Essentials Software provides a 100% Digital Daily Attendance Log + Worker Health Screening.

States across the country are tightening up regulations on the construction industry. LinkedField is a QR code + iPad app software that is easy for workers to use and updates real time in the field.

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Step 1 - Fast and Secure Sign In

Workers scan a QR code with their smartphone or sign in via the LinkedField app on an iPad.

  • Only takes 10 seconds to sign-in.
  • Our secure technology ensures visitors’ Personal identifiable information (PII) are protected. Most in-house QR code systems linking to Microsoft forms/Google forms/AirTable are NOT secure.
  • Uses QR code sign in for workers to complete COVID-19 screening and daily attendance log.

Step 2 - Digital Record Keeping

Project admin's can view the daily attendance log and answers to health screening questions on an iPad app.

  • Ability to grant multiple users access to the app so both the field and office can simultaneously monitor the database.
  • Easily create customized sign-in sheets with automatic QR codes for all your meetings, safety orientation, all hands, toolbox talks, and more.
  • No more exchanging business cards, or printing out contact lists for your field team. Streamline the project directory as sub-foreman and stakeholders sign-in.  

Step 3 - Alerts, Contact Tracing and Manpower

Project Admin's can get COVID-19 alerts, and perform contact tracing to keep everyone safe. Field team members can keep track of manpower and subcontractor crews.

  • Easily identifies and sorts all workers who pass the health screening.
  • Conduct contact tracing in a matter of minutes instead of hours. Spreadsheet exports can be sent to public health officials to aid in contact tracing efforts.
  • Automatic alerts sent directly to the field if additional health screening is required. Be in the know quicker.
  • Information is updated real-time in the field to provide manpower data and crew counts for all subcontractors